How can households reduce their electricity spend?

May 24, 2023

With living costs higher than the CPI, and the highest we have seen in twenty years for wage and salary earners (3.2% in the last quarter to Dec 22) (ABS 2022), households are motivated more than ever in their energy saving goals to reduce their cost of living, reduce energy waste and in turn contribute to the reduction in the reliance to fossil fuels.

Australia’s supplies of energy decreased by 6.9% during 2020-2021, with 73% of energy coming from the earth, but with an upward shift in demand for solar (0.5%) and wind generated energy (0.4%).

Household usage of electricity during this time increased by 5% due to the impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns and the increase in workforce dynamics including the move to working from home, although there have been some small government rebates to offset these costs over the time. For 9.8 million households in Australia energy use is 123.1 GJ annually, or 47.3 GJ per person (ABS, 2021).

Electricity demand is derived from almost all activities in a modern household, such as cooking and cleaning, working from home, television and entertainment, and personal hygiene. In a house with teenagers, the usage is higher than other households, after accounting for house size.

By changing everyday behaviour, householders can change the conditions that determine power usage including turning off lights and devices, not leaving appliances on standby and changing to power saving electrical equipment.

Energy suppliers have the opportunity to empower households with effective and timely information about their electricity consumption, by amending the format and frequency of the information and how that is related to their collective behaviour. Setting power saving goals and with regular feedback, consumers can track the outcome of their efforts can reduce the impediment that makes it difficult to measure.

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